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Hi there gorgeous! I’m Courtney…nice to meet you! I’m the founder and creative director at VA Vixen, a great dane mama and the habitant of a little mountain town called Boone in North Carolina. I graduated from App State with a degree in “Health Promotions” and ended up combining that knowledge with my love of all things marketing and tech. I started my virtual career as a VA working for women who owned health and wellness related businesses and then a multi-million dollar company. I quickly realized corporate was not for me and steered back to what brought me to this work…CONNECTION.

You see, virtual assistance allowed me to share all my “random” skills and HELP other women take their businesses to the next level. I love the feeling of watching someone rise and the expression on a client’s face when they see their dream come into reality. I believe that you may not have the same skills I have, but you have your own unique set and I would love to help you find them. Because people NEED what you have. If you’re interested in doing a deep dive on finding your skillset schedule a session here:

After working for several years as a VA, I began to develop a team and focus on web design and development. Things were going great…until they weren’t anymore. I lost someone I loved very much suddenly and tragically…there was no closure and I was not prepared. I also ended up fostering my two year old nephew (but that’s a whole different story). So I had to quit working for awhile and rediscover myself. I’ll spare you the details, but sister, I built my company back from zero all over again. It was scary, but I did it. And I thought…WOW. What would I do if I couldn’t work from home, if I couldn’t figure this out. I started to realize that there is a formula to this virtual assistant business thing and I can’t help but share it.

Today my passion is training a new generation of virtual assistants how to support entrepreneurs and small businesses that they love. I believe in 9-5 freedom, location freedom and creative living. I also believe in  YOU. Let’s connect…I would love to hear your story and how I can support you in your next evolution.