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I’m here to help!

My name is Courtney Frances…if we haven’t met before you can learn more about me here, or follow me on instagram! I’ve been working remotely for over a decade and I LOVE IT. I love it SO much that I have dedicated my life to teaching others how to create a lifestyle like mine for themselves!

It’s so possible to decide when and where you work.
You can CHOOSE who you want to work with.
You can decide how much you charge.
Most importantly, you can be home with your family, pets, and favorite cup of tea…in a space you designed and customized to feel good!

It’s a win/win for everyone, but getting there takes a little bit of creativity and a dash of courage! That’s why I created the VA Quickstart…to get you inspired and in motion!


✅The 5 Types of VAs (which are you?)

✅How to discover your unique skill set

✅What you can expect to earn as a virtual assistant

✅How VAs save time, energy, and money!

✅Why VA’s are more valuable than ever RIGHT NOW.

✅What you need to get started

✅The roadmap to creating your own VA Biz

✅Characteristics of a GREAT VA And So. Much. More.

For the past few years I’ve enjoyed teaching others how to think about their talents differently and package them into services that they can charge an hourly rate for, all while working from home! In VA Code I help my students dial up their confidence while teaching them everything I know about how to run a VA business. Then I connect them with entrepreneurs who need them. If you want to take your VA Biz and add some rocket fuel…join us for the next round of VA Code and join the community, but if you want to dip your toe in first? VA Quickstart is for you! 


The Virtual Assistant Quick Start is a FREE CLASS that explains what a virtual assistant is and how this profession could work for you! Vision in your dream VA Biz and then learn how to make it happen!I can’t wait to hear your new business plan!