Escape the 9 to 5.

Create a prosperous Virtual Assistant biz.

Live a freedom filled life.

Class begins August 10th!

Welcome to VA Code. 

VA Code presents a transformational approach to working and living as a virtual entrepreneur. Brimming with gorgeous video demonstrations, creative prompts and exercises, in-depth Q&A sessions, built in client opportunities, and enough encouragement & inspiration to last a lifetime, the VA Code is like no other course available today. 

Hi! My name is Courtney and I will be offering practical step-by-step support as I demonstrate my entire process as a virtual assistant.Your unique virtual assistant business will be born and take shape as you follow along and take action! 💜

VA Code has inspired all of its students to embrace a new, wildly freeing way of life — To be your own boss. On the surface level,  VA Code trains amazing virtual assistants the logistics of being a VA, yes! But that’s not where this course ends. I also weave in mindfulness practices and real advice on picking clients who LIGHT YOU UP. The goal is to feel good and THEN help others. To create income and happiness for yourself. 

After you graduate from VA Code you will be able to charge at least $30 per hour for your services. You will also be included in my VA Catalogue that I share with entrepreneurs looking for VAs. That’s life changing for many of us. I hope you’ll join us!


P.S. – VA Code will likely change the way you work forever. You might even start having FUN 😉


A Virtual Assistant (or VA) is someone who offers services as a contractor to other businesses virtually in exchange for an agreed upon fee.There are so many services that VAs offer and each VA is unique.


Some virtual assistants operate like personal assistants – handling scheduling, organizing files, checking in on clients through email and providing social media support. Others are more technical providing web development and server level support. There are customer support VAs, graphic design VAs, social media VAs, copywriting VAs…and the list goes on!


Throughout the 5 weeks we will craft a VA business that is UNIQUE TO YOU, by infusing thought provoking questions and lots of opportunities to practice SHARING your vision. This course will be your opportunity to try everything on and really feel into a business design that’s right for you.

Enrollment is currently closed. Get on the Waitlist for updates 💖

⏰EXPAND – You’re ready to drop your 9-5 and to UPLEVEL your current virtual business.

You’re ready for a career transition. You know things have to change.

You have so many skills that you’re already using! It’s time to share those gifts with others and shine your light!


Practices to help manage your energy and keep you feeling GOOD.


How to’s, templates and the strategy you need to launch!


Job offers, ongoing support, a space to practice, share and connect.


💜All the tools I have been using to run my VA business for the past decade

💜How to say what you do with confidence

💜How to create a resume with a template included to get you started!

💜How to rock an interview and your POWER STATEMENT

💜Visioning, time blocking and fine tuning your biz setup!


💜Onboarding Clients Blueprint

💜TEMPLATES for your policies & procedures, freelance contract and more!

💜Brand Design Questionnaire for you and your future clients

💜How to videos for the tools we introduced in week 1 – how to track hours, send invoices, collect payment and more!

💜Weekly Check-in Template

💜Reporting, Reflecting, Responding – the three types of communication and how to use them properly


💜My Top 10 Lead Generation Ideas

💜Personal Outreach Email Template

💜Brand Board Inspiration and Discussion

💜How to create a portfolio even if you’ve never had a client!

💜How to discover your unique brand

💜Tutorial – How I Use Pinterest for Branding


💜The final week is about implementation, sharing your work and learning transferable skills!

💜Getting answers to all your burning questions during the live Q&A Session!

💜BUSINESS UNUSUAL (lead by Kimi Morton) – learn how to market your business in the time of COVID.

💜Planning and Practicing for your VA Code Graduation FEATURE SPOT. After you take the final exam you will be added to my Virtual Assistant Catalog, which I share with entrepreneurs looking for clients ALL THE TIME.

💜VA BIZ BOOSTER KIT! 30 days of accountability and inspirational challenges after the course is over


New Content DROPS for you to work through. There are video lectures and workbook pages you will complete every week. There are also ACTION steps you will be taking every week. These steps are designed to get you PRACTICING and to help you gain confidence.


…Throughout the course there is a constant support system within the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP. This group not only has your classmates, but it also has GRADUATES who often pop through and offer guidance and support. We talk about pricing, how to find clients and offer feedback on your resume or a graphic you just made. We share job offerings in the group and we talk about REAL LIFE.


New this year!! I have created a course called Delegation Station that will be launching in September 2020. All entrepreneurs who complete this course will learn how to prepare for, hire and train their first VA! That’s good news for you because then they will be invited to share their job description in our EXCLUSIVE Discord called “The VA Vault”. Once you graduate VA Code and pass the final exam, you will be able to apply for these jobs and connect with entrepreneurs who need you!



Join Kimi Morton for a MINI WORKSHOP on how to market yourself and your offerings during the time of COVID. Super powerful stuff!


I met Kimi while taking part in an experiment called “The Magical Morning Practice” by Gala Darling and we have been BEST FRIENDS ever since. For the past 600 days we have spoken EVERY DAY about our gratitudes, our dreams and our BIG VISIONS.Now we’re collaborating to share some of what we’ve learned on the journey.

Kimi is the co-founder of a digital media agency called Boss Up Media. She is a business coach, a life coach and a force of nature really! She has been working in the digital entrepreneur space for YEARS and she knows all too well the struggles that come with it. She is a master at creating SPACE in her life and she is a true LEADER. Trust me, Kimi sharing her wisdom as you step into this new level of leadership is the BOOST you never knew you needed.


Yes it’s true! This year you can easily access all your course materials through the Kajabi Mobile App! This is SUCH a huge upgrade in the course experience! You’re able to easily listen to content on the go, watch video lessons from anywhere and check off assignments!


As an optional UP-LEVEL to graduating VA Code, you will be invited to become “certified” and join the VA Code Catalogue.  All throughout the year, I receive requests from entrepreneurs looking for VA’s and this year I’m making it easier than EVER for them to find YOU! If you are super committed to building your VA Company, this will be a great kickstart after graduation and it’s ONLY AVAILABLE TO VA CODE GRADS.



Not only do you learn the SYSTEMS you must have in place to run a successful VA Biz, but you will ALSO learn some TRANSFERABLE SKILLS that you can use with your clients! 

Here are some of the apps and programs you’ll learn this year::

💜Canva -Graphics

💜Online Marketing Funnel 101

💜Social Media Management Guidelines

💜Set up your own personal domain and WordPress

💜How to use Divi for WordPress

💜How to create a brand board

💜Digital marketing techniques


After you enroll in VA Code, the course and all the materials are yours forever. It also means that you get access to all UPDATED content as the course grows. You also will be a member of the VA Vortex forever, which is the VA Code Facebook hub. As the course grows your business grows too!

Enrollment is currently closed. Get on the Waitlist for updates 💖

“The positivity of the course along with the support (nearly 24/7, honestly) was invaluable! I’ve been in other courses and online groups where the leader shared posts and questions that no one interacted with. However, the energy and positivity that Courtney brings as your driven and inspired VA Code leader make every post feel more supportive than the last! If you’re on the fence, but feel a tug to explore becoming a VA, this course will benefit you regardless of a final business outcome. This course is about digging deep and getting clarity about what you want to manifest in your life.”

-Ashley Warren
Boone, NC

“I am so happy and grateful that I was able to participate in the VA Code. My life before was stagnant. Once I made the decision to become a virtual assistant and invest in this program I began to move forward and I am never looking back! Now I have a business and my first official client!”

-Cuyler Elizabeth
Waco, TX

what kind of programs or software are necessary or helpful to have when taking the course?

You actually don’t have to have anything special for the course. All the programs I teach are free to use and can be used on phone and desktop. As long as you have a decent computer you’re golden.

If I am on the fence and not sure what the heck I want to do next (maybe not be a VA), do you think it would still be valuable?

There is so much value in this course whether or not you become a VA. Several graduates have gone on to grow their virtual business, but it has nothing to do with VA. Photographers, creatives, coaches and chefs. A couple grads have gone on to quit a 9-5 they hate and instead of becoming a VA, they have started working somewhere that LIGHTS THEM UP. VA Code is a holistic approach to living and working while feeling good and having FUN. And the inner work we do is supportive to EVERYONE. We practice yoga, tapping and meditation, which can bring up even more interesting questions than just memorization. It’s an experience!

Will I actually get clients?
YES! WE NEED YOU. The growth of the gig economy is a global trend and this trend does not show signs of slowing. For example, people are increasingly making a living through several sources and using their skills with different employers. Intuit and Emergent Research predicted that “the number of people working on-demand [gig] jobs will grow from 3.9 million Americans in 2016 to 9.2 million by 2021.” Read more of the research here or just take my word for it…the jobs are everywhere and I would love to help match you with the perfect client for you!
What happens after I enroll?

As soon as you enroll, you will receive a welcome email that contains your next steps and important program information, as well as access to the private community. You’ll also create your own login and be able to access some of the bonuses mentioned above!