What is a Virtual Assistant?

Remote work is very much here! With the current landscape of our world, we are being encouraged to work, learn AND socialize more remotely. To distance. To work from home.  It’s a great time to start learning how to transition into online work and I’d love to show you how!  So, what is a virtual assistant anyway? 

It’s about time I answer this question huh!?

I talk about hiring virtual assistants and working remotely often, but I’ve never sat down and explained what a virtual assistant actually is! Why is that? There are several TYPES of virtual assistants. It’s not a one-size-fits-all, which I LOVE! Let’s break it down.

Simply put, a virtual assistant (VA) is anyone who works remotely as a contractor for entrepreneurs and/or small businesses. Each individual VA has their own skillset. Some VA’s work together as an “Agency” and others work individually. Their clients aren’t responsible for anything except paying them their package/hourly rate. It is up to the virtual assistant to secure their own health insurance, pay their own taxes, keep track of their own time, and provide their own office equipment. The clients get the benefit of paying for productive time only, while the VA gets the benefits of FREEDOM and TIME. 

I have categorized virtual assistants into 5 types and I’ll be sharing each type with you this week in detail. If you’d like to find out, which type you are try taking my quiz “What type of VA are you?


Coding, tech support, video & audio editing, solving technical issues and maintenance. You love anything to do with analytics, metrics, problem solving and research. 


Copy-writers who love outreach, email marketing and sales! You have been complimented for your penmanship and you love to write in all different styles. 


Facebook Group support, customer support of all kinds, social media post creation, email marketing, funnel copy, email marketing and all things HYPE. 


You love setting up automations and systems. You are the master of  Spreadsheets, Google Docs, Dropbox and you can figure out any scheduling system thrown at you!


You are always making sure everything is “on brand” and you have an incredible editor’s EYE. Your favorite tools for work are Canva and Adobe Suite…and Pinterest of course!

You’re probably ALREADY doing some of the skills mentioned above, either in your 9-5 or as you build your own social following. That’s the beauty of becoming a virtual assistant! You don’t need tons of training or a fancy certification, you just have to really KNOW yourself and believe in yourself. What do you enjoy doing? Who would be your DREAM client? As a VA you get to choose the when, where, whom and how you work…it’s true freedom and it’s not a far off dream!

The number one characteristic of a virtual assistant is being a FIGURE OUTTER. If that’s you, you will want to consider starting your own VA biz!